Basketball Game Recap

Micah Rocha, Sports Editor

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On December 3rd & 5th the girl varsity basketball team played West Valley (December 3rd) and Moscow (December 5th). They have started off the season very unyielding with a Five and Zero record, winning their last two by double digits! The game against West Valley, LCHS (Lakes City High School) dominated their opponent with the score being 57 to 39. Coach Kelly said that he felt Keara Simpson, Lauren Rewers, and Nina Carlson played very well in both games. Looking at the West Valley game first, Keara Simpson impressively dominated the glass racking up a total of fifteen rebound with eight points and four assists to help, Lauren Rewers tied the most steals on the team with two, also sharing the ball for two assists, and scoring seven points, Nina Carlson had an impressive showing on the scoreboard leading the team in points with seventeen, with three assists and a solid total of seven rebounds. The score was 48 to 34 in the game against Moscow, Keara Simpson once again led the team in rebounds with eleven, also having two assists and helping on the scoreboards with twelve points, Lauren Rewers showed assistance in the scoreboards as well with ten total points, and having two assists, Nina Carlson had great diversity with her eight rebounds and team-high in points with fifteen also sharing the ball twice and stealing it twice. Coach Kelly said they spread the ball well and executed down low in the paint, words of encouragement from him also stating that  “We have to continue to stay focused and disciplined throughout games and keep working hard.” Great work from the girl’s basketball team, we hope your season continues to triumph.

December 1st the varsity boys basketball team played as well, also getting the win. Coach Jim Winger said that he was impressed by the hustle the team had and the execution on defense, stating it was excellent. He also said they struggle with their shooting percentage early in the first half, but he said the team battled through it and did very well in the second half. The players he thought played very well were Kenny Louie-McGee with impressive work on the scoreboards with twenty-one points, and James Carlson also showing a high turnout on the scoreboards with seventeen points. Great work guys, hope you too also continue to have a successful season!