FFTF Boys Basketball Game

Micah Rocha, Sports Editor

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                 Last Friday on January 13th Lakes City High School (LCHS) won the fish for seven consecutive year in a row! This school basketball event between the two schools of LCHS and Coeur D’alene High School (CDA) has been a major event in the school’s history for many years. From what I’ve heard around the school, the atmosphere at the game must have been crazy and electric. The coach of the boys basketball team, Jim Winger, gives his thanks to the amazing students at this school for helping to win the fish once again. I had the chance to ask him about how he felt his team did and how the game went. He responded with “I thought our boys played an awesome game. It was a rough and physical game and we responded several times with tough situations.” He was specifically proud of Kenny (did not specify last name) who scored an outstanding 31 points on the night, and Kodie (did not specify last name) who showed great leadership “Ran the show at point (guard) really well for us.” He said about Kodie. Congratulations on winning the fish once again to the basketball team and thanks to the amazing crowd we have each fish game, and truly great accomplishment that will be chalked up in history along with this school’s decorated history.


Photo from Wikipedia