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Timberwolf Times

2016-2017 Staff

Tyler Parker


Tyler Parker is 16 years old and a sophomore here at Lake City. Her favorite activities after school are rea...

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John Marfice

Staff Writer

John Marfice was born on Jan, 6, 2002 in Lincoln Nebraska. John is a very interesting person, he is ...

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Kaitlynn Steele

Staff Writer

Kaitlynn is a hard-working fifteen year old sophomore. She enjoys watching Netflix and eating. When she mo...

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Makala Vincent

Staff Writer

Makala Vincent is 17 years old, a senior at Lake City High School. She hasn’t lived in Coeur D' Alen...

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Lily Schmidt

Staff Writer

Lily Schmidt is a 15 year old sophomore who was born here in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. Her favorite colo...

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Micah Rocha

Sports Editor

Micah is a 16 year old junior here at LCHS. He was born in the beautiful state of Ohio, he moved to star...

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Colin Hollis

Staff Writer

Here we have one oddball of a journalist. Meet Collin Hollis. Collin was born right here in Coeur D...

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Marissa Trotter

Staff Writer

Madelyn Trotter, a 15 year old sophomore, is a very artistically-oriented person. Coming from a long line...

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Hannah Clarke

Sports Editor

Hannah May Clarke is a sophomore at Lake City High School. She is a 15 year old girl who has just rece...

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Alexis Wyatt

Staff Writer

Alexis Wyatt was born in Los Angeles, California on April 9th, 2001. She doesn’t have any siblings...

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Charlotte Romero

Opinion Editor

Charlotte Anne Romero, a very self proficient individual. She is 15, and attends Lake City High Scho...

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Gianna Mumford

Health & Student Interactions Editor/Coordinator

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Savana Moerige

Staff Writer

Savanna is a 16 year old junior at Lake City High School. She plans on attending North Idaho College a...

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