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Hannah May Clarke is a sophomore at Lake City High School. She is a 15 year old girl who has just recently gotten her driver's license. She has a younger brother, Tyler, who goes to Skyway Elementary School. Hannah is a very competitive soccer player for both her club soccer team and our team here at Lake City. Her club team is based in Spokane, Washington where the athletic competition for soccer is higher to match Hannah’s skill level. She is working hard in school to raise her grades from last year to raise her chances at attending a strong college. She hopes to become a physical therapist in her future. Hannah is very determined when she sets her mind to goals and she won’t give up until they are reached. She has recently gotten a job at Rogers Burgers where she is loved by her coworkers and continues to work very hard to show her responsibility.  

Hannah Clarke, Sports Editor

The online school newspaper of Lake City High School