• Homework help and tutoring after school from 2:40-3:30 every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the Library!

  • Lake City Food Drive is this week, November 13-17. Help make a difference in our community!

  • Remember, students are still not allowed to have phones during school hours!

  • Did you know parking passes are free? Make sure to register your car in the front office!

The online school newspaper of Lake City High School

Timberwolf Times

Jaymen Phillips is 15 year old who is in 10th grade and attends Lake City high school. He has only lived in Idaho for one year and previously lived in Inglewood, California. He has three dogs, 2 rottweilers and 1 german shepherd. His favorite hobbies included playing basketball and doing gymnastic. He does not plan on going to college but wants to go into the music field eventually. His favorite things about LCHS is the diversity of people, and his English class.

Jaymen Phillips, Staff Writer

The online school newspaper of Lake City High School