• Homework help and tutoring after school from 2:40-3:30 every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the Library!

  • Lake City Food Drive is this week, November 13-17. Help make a difference in our community!

  • Remember, students are still not allowed to have phones during school hours!

  • Did you know parking passes are free? Make sure to register your car in the front office!

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Timberwolf Times

Mackenzie Skurupey is a sixteen year old girl in her Junior year of high school. On top of all the homework and responsibilities, Mackenzie is a cheerleader for the Lake City Timberwolves and has enjoyed the sport for three years. Along with school and after school activities she enjoys making cupcakes at Subway where she works. Mackenzie has lived in Idaho for all sixteen years of her life and her favorite getaway spot is her grandfather’s property. She likes watching basketball and her favorite team is the Lake City Timberwolves. She likes to listen to rap music and her favorite movie is The Secret Garden. As the winter season approaches she will miss swimming but is excited for ski season to begin

Mackenzie Skurupey, Staff Writer

The online school newspaper of Lake City High School