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Timberwolf Times

Tiger Ashtiani

Tiger Ashtiani is a 16 ­year ­old 11th grader who attends here at Lake City High School. Some of

Tiger’s hobbies include speech, theater, and keeping up with today’s pop culture. During Tiger’s

free time, he enjoys spending quality time with friends, watching Netflix, and eating. Some of

Tiger’s favorite things are: avocados, Teddy Grams, the color blue, U.S. history, and the koala

bear. When Tiger grows up, he wants to be a politician, and as a person he wants to be

someone who can find happiness in other people’s joy. Tiger is a dog person and his favorite

80s movie is Heathers. If he had a vacation destination, he’d travel to Saint Barths. Tiger’s

biggest fear is that people won’t accept him for who he is, but if you ever meet him it won’t take

long for you to realize that he is intelligent, funny, kind, and not afraid to be himself.

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Tiger Ashtiani