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Makayla Pellman
Makayla Pellman is fifteen years old and was born in Casper, Wyoming. Some of Makayla's favorite foods are pizza, strawberries and carne asada fries. Makayla is currently a sophomore and this is Makayla's first year in journalism, which she is ecstatic about! Makayla generally likes to write fictional stories, so this will be a change of style but she is up to the challenge. Makayla loves to hike, sing, and draw in her spare time. Of all of these, she enjoys hiking the most. Her favorite spots to hike are Tubbs Hill and Canfield Mountain. It is a life goal for her to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. When Makayla is older she would love to pursue a career in becoming a veterinarian.

Makayla Pellman, Staff Writer

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Makayla Pellman