Revise the School Rules

Conniptions are always traveling around the school, along with disagreements of certain school rules such as the off campus rule. There has been a huge fuss about the campus rules, especially ever since the new middle lunch. The new middle lunch is set up to keep all freshman on campus, and keep a better eye out on each lunch by splitting up a quarter of each lunch. As we all know, freshman, and sophomores are not allowed to leave campus, the question is why?  What is the difference between freshman and Sophomores to Juniors and Seniors besides the fact that most Sophomores and freshmen don’t have licenses and can’t drive? The new Maverick gas station has influenced 11th and 12th graders to walk or drive over to the new gas station, and it’s not exactly fair that 9th and 10th graders can’t do the same. The maturity level really has nothing to do with  students being able to leave because if you think about it, there are some freshman and sophomores more mature than some juniors and seniors, so that has nothing to do with anything.  Another thing, they say they are all responsible for the students that go here, but that doesn’t make sense because if they cared that much, they wouldn’t let juniors and some seniors under 18 leave campus if that was the case, because anything they are afraid will happen to sophomores or freshmen can also happen to a junior or senior.  If  it is still a big deal, then they should send permission slips out to all parents, and whoever gets it signed should get a card or pass to leave the campus that they are required to show to a teacher before they can leave campus.