In December of 2009, Ben Silbermann started the development of Pinterest. Similar to bookmarking pages, Pinterest is a photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme based images. On this website, users can share, or “pin,” pictures in different categories.  In January of 2012, Pinterest had 11.7 million users. As of July,  2013 the site reported to have 70 million users. Pinterest was only an online version up until March of 2011, when an iPhone app was created. Generally, this site is more popular with women, and in 2012 it was reported that more than 83 percent of users were women. However, it’s the opposite in Germany.  Throughout the years, the site has had some legal issues when it came to their copyright terms of service, and from there they created a notification system which allows copyright holders the ability to remove content from the site. Pinterest has grown massively over the years, and in 2012 received an award for best social media app.