Technology Taking Over?

There are many advantages of technology today, from communication to analyzing. Technology is useful for many professions and discoveries for our world, whether it’s looking through space to discover new things up there, or searching the ocean floor where humans can’t explore, or any place for that matter. Cell Phones are a big use for everyone, as they allow communication and even internet wherever you go.

But the question is, is technology taking over and replacing people’s careers? It is said that many jobs are soon to become extinct due to technology, such as desktop publishers, graphic designers, reporters, attendants and many more. Every year more and more people are being laid off or unemployed because companies are replacing them with technology. An example of this occurrence is waitresses. Applebee’s latest report is that they now have tablets at every table and more to be installed. This not only cuts away the job of a waitress, but also the point of even being one. Usually waitresses take your order, serve drinks and bring you your food, but now due to tablets, the job is being reduced and reducing the amount of communication. for now, depending on what Applebee’s you go to, you sit down, and order your food on a tablet the gets sent to the chefs in the kitchen. All the waitress does is bring you those drinks and food. In my opinion, it messes up the point of being a waitress. Once again, technology is great in several aspects, but could be lightened up due to many people who losing jobs to it.