Closed campus debate

Students are outraged at discrimination. However, not the discrimination that comes to mind. Students here at Lake City are disgusted with our partially closed campus. I believe the biggest issue that recently occurred here has appeared with middle lunch. The idea that juniors and seniors can leave irritates under classmen. A common statement you hear is “What’s the difference between a junior, who is able to leave, and a sophomore, who is not able to leave?”  I personally believe that there is no difference. The idea that a junior is more responsible than a sophomore or freshman is ridiculous, due to the fact that it depends on the person, not what grade they are in. I believe that Lake City should only have two lunches and be an open campus for all grade levels. If this were to happen, I believe that most of the issues would start to vanish. For example, more people would feel free to leave so there would no longer be an overcrowded commons. “I believe that they wouldn’t have needed a middle lunch if they just had open campus. When we get into high school, we’re responsible enough to leave for lunch and come back,” says Makenna T. My personal belief is that Lake City would be making a great choice in having an open campus. We have to learn eventually, right?