Let’s Get Quirky

You may be surprised to learn that the staff working here at Lake City may be more than teachers. Indeed, it is true! The faculty here have quite the past; everything ranging from dancing with celebrities to bowling scholarships.

Mr. Keylon, the journalism and web design teacher, has several interesting traits. One of the most fascinating is the comments he gets about his resemblance to certain celebrities. Over the years, he’s been told he looks like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Robin Thicke. He also aspired to become a football coach as a teenager instead of a teacher.

Mrs. Sandford, the teen living teacher and FCCLA adviser, has one highly significant quirk. When she was in seventh grade, a girl in her class was handicapped, it became Mrs. Sandford’s job to help her out whenever possible. That is when she knew for a fact that someday she wanted to become a teacher.

Other teachers, such as Miss. Cook and Mrs. Currie have more lighthearted experiences. For example, how many teachers can say that they’ve danced on stage with pop singers LMFAO? Well, Miss Cook can. Also, she really enjoys entering radio contests  in her spare time. One of the weirdest quirks through our faculty comes from Mrs. Currie, the spanish teacher, who had a full ride bowling scholarship offered to her. All of these experiences and traits make the staff here at Lake City one of a kind.