New Years Ball Drops

To bring in every New Year, Times Square drops a big, shiny, colorful ball. It’s always fun to watch the ball drift downwards those last thirty seconds of the year, but sometimes we want to do something a little different. And every year, a few places decide to buck the traditional ball and go with something a bit more unique.

In Nashville, they decided to go with their musical roots to ring in the new year. They dropped a shining red guitar to represent their country music atmosphere. Key West decided to throw gender bending drag queens into their “ball” drop. They placed a drag queen in an oversized high heel shoe and placed her down on the ground when the clock struck twelve.

Those aren’t even the strangest drops. In Wisconsin, they drop a fiberglass fish. Brasstown, North Carolina places a majestic possum in a box to lower to the ground. There’s no end to the New Year fun!