JJ doing what he does best: sinking threes

When JJ sank 10 of the teams 15 threes, it made Hanford look like a middle school team.

Lake City hit the mark of 80 points which was almost double the points that Hanford scored and 30 of those points were JJ Winger’s scoring all of them off of threes.

Coach Kelly Reed said, “That’s the best shooting performance I’ve ever seen from a high school kid.” He also stated that it was one of the best team performances he can remember.

For most high school teams the first half is the warmup half where you get all of the kinks out and lose the nerves. But for this game it was not the case when they scored 38 in the first half. They came out firing in all cylinders and it seemed to be showing it. Although they had 81 and JJ scored 30 he still thought they could have gotten more.

Kyle Guice, who is an NCAA Division 1 recruit, was held to only six points by Hanfords Thomas Hannu, but he still raked in 9 rebounds which made up for his lack of points. Hanford was led by Brady Heid who scored 21 points which was a good portion of the teams points.

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Photographer: Tri-City Herald