Mind Reading, A Possibility Or No?

Although people can’t physically read our minds, they are able to detect what we are thinking by using simply a trained eye. By watching someone’s body language you will be about to easily detect falsifications, fears, weaknesses, and negative emotions.  Learning to read body language may come in handy one day, such as when someone tries to sell you something false or you think a significant other is cheating. You can tell when someone is lying if they are limited, stiff, and use very little hand movements. They may avoid eye contact or they may touch their face, throat or mouth.  Our bodies are trained to move the way we are feeling.  Why, you ask? Well, before we could actually communicate with our words we used body language to say ‘come in’ or any type of thing we would say now.

A big part of body language is our eyes.  You can tell when a person is guessing, creating, or even lying if their eyes dart to the right often. If they are looking left then it shows that the person is recalling, remembering, or retrieving facts. Eyes have many meanings to them, from showing a lie to showing excitement to telling the truth.  Every part of our bodies tell what we are thinking or what we are really up to.  In a way people are able to read minds, but that is only if you know body language.