Parking lot madness

Having a licence means having freedom, but with that comes the challenges of driving. Lake City has many students who drive, which can make our parking lot awfully crazy at times. Driving can be awfully stressful, and more stress is piled on in a high school parking lot. There are so many students in our parking lot after school. Whether they’re walking, driving, getting items out of their car, getting picked up by their parents, or whatever the situation may be, it adds to the chaos. With all of these other activities going on, there can be many distractions. So what are some good tips for driving in our parking lot? ┬áParking farther away from school in a less crowded area can provide ease when leaving the parking lot. Another good idea is to avoid other distractions such as radio, loud conversations, cell phone use, etc. If all of this would happen, driving in our parking lots would be a breeze.