Lake City basketball falls in their own tournament

Lake City basketball falls in their own tournament

Sometimes you could play the best game of your entire career in the first three quarters and then lose it all in the fourth and end up losing the game. That is what happened to the Lake City boys in their semi-final game appearance.

    The game looked like it was heading in the perfect direction for the wolves. They were up by double digits most of the time and were in control of the tempo of the game. But when Justin Pratt was pulled out of the game with three fouls the game went south from there. They started turning the ball over and not playing very well defensively.

    The game went down to the wire after South Kitsap held the ball for 45 seconds until the last second and ended up taking the last shot that didn’t even come close which led them into overtime.

    They also ended up coming down to the wire in overtime but this time Lake City had possession of the ball. Even though they had 6 seconds left on the clock they didn’t even manage to get up a shot when the buzzer rang and lost 69-67. They also ended up going into overtime in the third and fourth place game.

    Even though they lost both of these games and didn’t make it into the championship game coach Winger saw a silver lining in their playing. He said their defense in the last game was the best it’s been all year and their offense was firing on all cylinders.

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Photographer: Shawn Gust Cda Press