Goodies, and Munchies, and Snacks, Oh My!

Everybody has a snack now and then, whether it’s healthy or not. What snack do you eat the most? What about the most common snack foods in America, or even in Idaho? Now is your chance to find out! In the U.S., people tend to snack quite often. One of the most famous munchies we have are potato chips. Although they are the most common, some people prefer jerky or twinkies over chips. A healthier snack would be carrots, raisins, or even dried fruits, such as bananas, apples, and strawberries. To be more specific, the most common fruit in Idaho is, believe it or not, huckleberries! In Idaho huckleberries are served in a variety of ways, with whipped cream, in or on pancakes, as a jam, syrup, candy, and many more! How do you snack?