Are You Divergent?

Are You Divergent?

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What faction are you in? Divergent, written by the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Veronica Roth, is the first book in the Divergent trilogy. It is set within a dystopian version of ‘The Windy City,’ AKA Chicago. This novel is similar to young adult books such as The Hunger Games, Philip K. Dick’s Alphane Moon and The Maze Runner because of its similar theme and target audience. Roth has said that she got the idea for the trilogy when she was studying in college. The book’s major plot is the division of our society into personality types. Divergent is a thrill ride of a book and it gives you an adventurous ride of emotions throughout the book.

Divergent has 5 different “factions,” of which sixteen year olds have to choose one. There is Abnegation (to uphold Selflessness), Amity (for the Peaceful), Candor (meant for the Honest), Dauntless (for the Brave), and Erudite (intended for the Knowledgeable). Each 16 year old has to take a test which will tell them their future and must decide at the Choosing Ceremony what path to take. But if your results are inconclusive… beware! If anyone finds out that you are Divergent, your life could end before you want it to.

Summit Entertainment purchased the media rights to the trilogy and is coming out on March 21st, 2014!