Too Young To Drive?

Politicians and concerned parents around the U.S are starting to question whether the fact driving at the age of 16 is too young to drive. I think not. The main argument is the fact that tennagers brains are not fully developed yet. I find that irrelevant; teens 16-18 really do not have much of a difference and people’s brains don’t really mature until the age of  20, so raising the  age to drive by two years isn’t going to make much of an impact.  The fact that 1.2 million people are arrested a year for driving under the influence is more of a problem than teen car accidents. If everyone is so concerned about the teen driving issue, maybe they should prevent it by addressing the way they teach in drivers ed, teaching kids more about responsibility behind the wheel. Education will make more of a difference than complaining.

What doesn’t make sense is thousands of people 21 and over decide to drink then drive. What is that saying about their decisions? They are 21 and over, does that mean people 21 and over aren’t capable to drive because of their decisions? They are drinking and have access to alcohol, and they can still get behind the wheel of a car? It’s not the fact that teens brains aren’t developed, it’s the stupid decisions they choose, and helping to prevent that is not raising the age, but raising the amount of time teachers teach about safety issues in drivers ed, because fixing the teen problem is a reasonably easy fix, but the fact that alcohol is everywhere is an even bigger and more important problem.