Spooky sightings in Rathdrum

Here in North Idaho, we are all pretty much aware of the towns surrounding ours. Here in Coeur d’ Alene, we seem to know a lot about what’s around us. However, one of our surrounding towns has a pretty eerie past. Rathdrum, home of Lakeland high school, has a past of witchcraft and ghost stories! These aren’t creepy tales you would here on a daily basis though. In 1972, Rathdrum had unsettling news about a devil scare, which frightened a majority of the citizens. In 1974 rumors circulated about a devil worshiping cult that had found a home in the town. Many people traveling around the town reported hitting these hooded figures, only to have them disappear before their eyes. One of the deputies at the time received reports of sightings of skinned cats, bonfires in the middle of the road, hooded figures around those fires, you name it. These rumors filtered around the town for a couple of years, but were finally brushed off. So what do you think? Are the Rathdrum devil-worshipers real or fake?