Graded on Organization

We’ve all had that one teacher that has a certain way for your binder to be set up. They tell you how many dividers you need, what to label the dividers, and what papers will go where. Of course, these tips they give you can be helpful. But should you be graded on them?

While studies have proven that being organized will make you more likely to get good grades and be more successful, who’s to say how you should be organized? Who’s to say how organized you should be? We’re at a point in our lives where we should be responsible enough to keep track of our papers, and should be allowed to do that however we want. If your binder looks like a tornado went through it, but at the same time you can find and locate every paper you need, do you deserve to get a bad grade on a “binder check”? Teachers should not be grading us on this arbitrary system, and should instead let the turned-in and located papers speak for themselves.