Get the A’s

Our new semester is coming up. It’s a time we can choose to be the same or take a step and go beyond what we have been. Wiki-how has some tips on how to get good grades and maintain them. Step one: get organized. Have a calendar or planner, because these can help you keep your assignments where you can easily  access them.This can allow you to avoid those awkward moments of rummaging through your bag during class in panic to find your assignment. Step two, absorbing information. Find which way you can learn. Weather it be visual, hands on, or listening, we all have a different way of learning. Even though it may seem boring, go over your textbook and skim over the information. Something might click that didn’t before. Next, you can take quality notes. In class it can be hard to pay attention, but taking good notes allows you the advantage of going over the information whenever you want at your own pace. Study. Actually study, don’t just take notes, don’t just get organized, use these tools to your advantage. Lastly, ask your teachers for help. Don’t say you don’t have time, make time. William Penn once said,”Time is what we want most, but we use worst.” This is not to say studying is fun and exciting for all, but in the end it will help you become what you strive to be!