“Nothing Serious, Though”

Aside from the loud noises, footsteps, and the feeling that someone is standing behind you, Gregory and Sandi Leeson finally decide to put their 113-year old victorian house up for sale. When they decided to put this creepish house up for sale last month, advertising it as, “slightly haunted”, then things started getting even more weird. People had called in ghost hunters, there have been several visits from potential buyers, but turns out they were just curious to walk into a “slightly haunted” house.

    A former resident showed up and mentioned to the Leeson’s, that when he was a kid he had found a human skull in the basement, the same place that Sandi Leeson had barricaded the door because she swore she heard the clicking of a lighter, like someone was wanting to light a cigarette.

    “Slightly haunted, nothing serious though,” says the listing on Zillow’s real-estate site. This site goes on to mention the 3:13 am screams every night and the occasional “ghostly image” in the bathroom mirror. The house attracted media attention from local residents and across the U.S, not to mention the house is listened at $144,000 and might go up for higher because of the attention it’s been getting lately.