Rockets collapse in loss after scoring 73 in first half

After the Houston Rockets scored 73 in the first half and did great defensively, they collapsed in the second half and only scored 19 points in the second half. That is less than they scored in the first quarter which was their bad quarter of the first half even though they scored 32 points.

In the first half for the Rockets they were almost unstoppable beyond the arc. But that wasn’t the case in the second half when they shot 0-14 for their threes.

It also didn’t help that the Rockets turned the ball over 12 times and most coaches say that if you have more than 10 then you will almost always lose the game no matter what.

But it wasn’t just the Rockets poor offensive effort that led the Thunder to their victory, it was also the Thunders great defense and a stellar performance from Kevin Durant and Reggie Jackson who combined for a total of 59 points. Kevin and Reggie were hitting clutch shots that helped them outrun the Rockets in the closest of times. It wasn’t like they were wide open shots either, they were being contested and covered on almost all of the shots they took.

Before this game no one who had ever scored more than 70 points in the first half had lost the game, but there is always a first.

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Photographer: Mark D. Smith USA Today Sports