Kid Saves Six

Tyler Doohan. No hes not a celebrity, but he did do what a superhero would do. He saved not only his two siblings (4&6) from a fire and gave his life to save 6 family members. Here’s how it happened. Tyler found out his grandfather’s house was on fire he woke everyone up and told them to go outside.  Then the house was engulfed in flames. Tyler went back in to wake up his uncle but never made it. His body was later found at the foot of the deceased uncle’s bed burned to death.  This eight year old boy risked his life and gave it to save his uncle who was already dead. “The kid has more guts than I know of.” said his uncle who was also in the fire. The survivors of the fire were taken to the local hospital in New York.  They were treated for non-life threatening conditions. The authorities believe that the cause was an electrical problem. Keep this family in your prayers.