Learning: Teachers Job or the Students?

All of us have been in a classroom, and we all know what that’s like. “Pay attention, put your phone away, stop talking, ask before you use the bathroom.” But how effective are these rules? Even if a student follows all of these rules, if they aren’t putting forth the effort in the classroom such as absorbing what the teacher tells them and doing their homework, then why not just let them sit there and text or listen to music if it doesn’t come in between the learning of other students?  Or why not even just let them up and walk out of the room and be marked absent? Why not, right? Well, there are some teachers who believe in this. They believe entirely on the fact that the learning is up to the student. The belief that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. So why don’t all teachers do this? It is because not all teachers feel comfortable with straying from district policy, and not all teachers thoroughly believe in this. Some teachers believe that the student will do what they say because they are the teacher and the authority figure. They believe telling a student and showing them right from wrong will make the issues go away. But does it really? A student can only take in as much as they are willing and motivated to take in. If they don’t want to learn, chances are the student will slack off and even maybe fail classes. So who’s job really is it to make sure students learn?