Are cellphones Alone Really the Issue?

We all know the rule that’s been in effect for as long as we can remember: No cellphones at anytime of the school day, including lunch. But we all always ask the question “why can’t we have them during lunch if there’s no learning being done?” And that is a very good question. During lunch, kids are out of a classroom and eating and doing nothing but socialize anyway, why not include phones in that time? Administrators say it’s because they want to avoid any kind of in school cyber bullying and issues like that, but they don’t understand that even though students aren’t allowed to, they sneak theirs phones easily anyway and the bullying still happens. With near 2,000 kids, its hard to keep track of all kids taking out electronics, and the bullying happens outside of school just as much with all the access kids have to social media and the internet. So instead of completely banning students from their cellphones at lunch in hopes to avoid issues such as cyber bullying, why don’t we teach and educate more about cyber bullying and draw more attention to the negatively of the act?