Royal Caribbean, More like Royal Sickness

A nice cruise sounds relaxing. Being sick was definitely not how the 700 crew and passengers planned on spending their trip. That’s right, 700 people fell very ill on a Royal Caribbean cruise.  That’s the highest number reported on any cruise ship in the past two decades. This wasn’t just a common cold either, many passengers reported losing more than 5 pounds due to being unable to eat. Passengers were frightened when it came time to get off the ship, asking multiple questions, and being scared to spread this virus to other people. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention boarded the ship in St Thomas and collected stool samples on Sunday, where they will look further into this outbreak.  They have found no official cause for the illness, however the norovirus is a possibility. The ship is now being sanitized for the third time. It’s highly doubtful that the people will ever forget about this miserable trip.