Help Save Lives!


Photo from: Conner Stauning

If you were to get into a wreck and be rushed to the hospital where you desperately needed a blood transfusion, you would want there to be blood to use, right? Are you curious to where that blood comes from? That blood, that helpsSo would those in our community. Luckily, our annual Blood Drive is here at Lake City, and  it’s time to donate. Thursday, February 6th  and Friday, February 7th from 8am to 3pm during school. Sign up at the main office for a time slot during the day and donate blood. To donate, you must be at least 16 years old,  120 lbs, and 5’4” tall. Donating blood can save a life in need. If you have any questions, contact the main office. Let’s save lives this year, Lake City!