No Snow Days?

It’s been cold here in Northern Idaho. Early morning temperatures have been down to the negatives. Wednesday, February 5, had a low of -2. Those of us who wait for a bus have had to stand out in these freezing temperatures, and those who have to walk have had to brave the wintery conditions. When we are are waiting and walking, we are out during the coldest time of day: right before and after the sun comes up to bring warmth. When the windchill is factored in, we are outside in temperatures that feel like -22 degrees fahrenheit.

Is it safe for us to be out in weather like that? Even if we are all bundled up, in many places the sidewalks are not clear and we are forced to walk in the icy road. Junior Matt Ngo has been a victim of this problem. “With temperatures this extreme, cars are freezing up,” he says. “Brakes aren’t working as they should. Students are being put more and more into danger. With temperatures around -20, it’s impossible for walkers to even go to school without sacrificing health. That’s just from the weather, let alone drivers and cars sliding everywhere.”

Matt has been hit by a car twice in these conditions.

Education is very important. Without a solid education, most people will have more trouble succeeding in life. However, we can learn best when we’re not in danger of losing fingers or being run over. Most of all, we can’t succeed at anything if we’re dead. Many people, especially walkers, would rather miss school than have to risk going out right now.  Student safety should come first, and many factors should go into this, including how cold it is and how well cared for the roads are.