Is Flappy Bird A Waste of Your Time?

Flappy Bird is the new app sensation, but there are concerns if they are a waste of our time. I know a few people who have gotten so mad at Flappy Bird that they broke their phones and iPods, throwing them across the room. So, in this case, is Flappy Bird a waste of our time? Flappy Bird has caused a lot of angry issues where teens are constantly playing and when they die because someone distracted them they start yelling. The anger has spread through it’s players like The Black Plaque. Makayla Pellman said, “I think Flappy Bird is a waste of your time but it is fun and I don’t regret a single second I have played it because it is fun yet addicting.”

Which is what most people would say. Makala Vincent said, “I think it is a waste of my time because it keeps me from more important things that i can be doing within my life.” These are magnificent examples of different points of view. So, the next time you go to play Flappy Bird stop and think about what you could be doing with your time.

“I think Flappy Bird is a waste of your time“”

— Tyler Gittel