Blood Drive Is A Success!


Photo from: Cassidy Tidwell

This year’s annual blood drive was a success, Lake City!  The turnout this year was wonderful, at around 150 people coming out and donating we made a  great dent! For each person who donated, three lives were saved, which means in two days Lake City saved about 400 lives!  There are many reasons people choose to donate; when Ashley Smith was asked  about her reasons for donating, she said that she wanted to know her blood type. Ashley was also asked if giving to the community through donating was a rewarding experience, to which she replied “Yeah, definitely, it’s always good to save lives, and I didn’t know that when you donate you actually save three lives. That’s pretty cool.” Also, Mr. Blank would like to thank each and every person who came out and donated and made the Blood Drive a success this year.  We definitely helped our community out, so be proud, Lake City!