Bippity boppity boo

The stage lights up and the magician steps up with a bird in his hand and a hat in the other, to only disappear before your very eyes. We all gasp in shock as the bird flies out of his hat.  Have you ever wanted to know how magicians do their tricks? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore because I’m going to tell you some tricks.  It’s all a trick from the mind.  As we watch the magician get into a box, about to be cut in half, a video comes up.  The video is the trick that makes us believe that magic just happened.  It is the distraction from the box and as we watch the video the sneaky magician sneaks out of the box into a back door.  Magic tricks are just a trick of the mind.  Anyone could do magic and amaze people with just a simple card trick.  Pick A Card, Any Card is the game and as we pick the card we are the ones being tricked.  They have certain little ways to trick you.  They easily organize the cards in a certain way and, boom, they know your card.  Magic is amazing to watch, but it’s all faked.  They test what we think is real. A test of reality.