How much is too much?

Our generation as a whole is extremely unhealthy. The amount of processed foods we consume on average is astounding- around 70% of our diet! The beverage we consume the most out of all we have to choose from is- surprise, surprise: soda. Our generation is the first generation to consume more soda than milk- even with all the sports advertizing milk gets! One can of soda can contain up to 140 calories and 35 carbs ( So, with all the soda we drink, what are the effects it can cause? Studies show that drinking excess amounts of soda can cause tooth decay, due to the amount of sugar it contains, dehydration due to caffeine causing the need to go to the restroom much more often, and weight gain from the amount of calories. These can lead to even more serious consequences like diabetes, heart attacks, and higher blood pressure. So take a look at our generation and ask yourself what’s better for YOU.