100 Dresses

Come see this intriguing play about a Polish-American girl named Wanda who is poor and has no friends. Her teacher puts her in the worst seat of the classroom and she is teased for her last name, Petronski, and the faded blue dress she wears everyday. She tells everyone that she has 100 dresses at her worn-down house. Of course no one believes her. A dress design contest comes into play and Wanda submits 100 designs. She then moves away because of how much she was teased. The students in her class realized that she wasn’t kidding–she really did have 100 dresses. Come and find out how the story ends. See our talented students at Lake City High School as they bring this book to life! The play is only going to be open on March 13th- March 15th, so hurry and see it while you can!