Java on the Move


Photo from: Rachael Reagan

The famous Java on Sherman is moving this Spring! No need to panic it will still be Java on Sherman, moving from 324 to 819 Sherman Ave. They will be moving this trendy coffee shop to the old Jonesy’s just down the road. The move will be this Spring, Spring of 2014, for sure but there has not been a date set in place. The new building is  4, 1821 and  the old was 1,700.” There’s a term called ‘critical mass’ in the restaurant industry,” David Patterson told The Press. “It’s where you reach a point where you can’t physically move people faster or do the process any better. We’ve reached that point.” Owner David said in an interview with the Coeur D’Alene Press. These  upbeat owners are ready for a new location to keep their business booming. With all the local consumers there is no doubt in that java will continue to thrive!