Should YouTube be blocked at Lake City?


Photo from: Simon Nilges

Via our school Internet filters, all forms of YouTube are blocked, but could that be blocking a huge learning opportunity?

    YouTube is potentially a big distraction for many students with the amount of viral and gaming videos on the site. But a large portion of YouTube contains documentaries, educational videos, and how-to videos. Is it possible to allow  YouTube on the school system, but have a similar filter system for certain videos? Maybe we could get a partnership with YouTube and try to make this an actual cause.

    For example, if someone tries to look up a viral video on YouTube, it will block the user, but if the student sees an approved educational video, it will allow the student to watch it.

    This would be very helpful to teachers who want to have a bit more visual content for their students, and it would be helpful to the school websites if we wanted to put videos on them. We can’t just block a website at school just because students could access viral videos, because blocking YouTube could be blocking a big opportunity to learn.