Are Video Games An Actual Sport?


Photo from: Makayla Pellman

Some people may say that videogames are not an actual sport, but as League of Legends proves they can have the same benefits as NBA or NHL players. The first person who will be receiving this visa for League is a Canadian player named Danny “Shiphtur” Le. There is a catch to be able to get this visa you must be a high-level player in the game.

Juliana Benitez said, “I think it’s very incredible for our country to offer sports visas to people doing things they are passionate about.”

Kenzii Rogers said, “It’s a waste of your time and also kills brain cells from watching a screen too long.”

League of Legends is the first video game that has been given the opportunity to have a sports visa. Having this visa is a great way for many of the League of Legends players to make this their career.