Growing Up, Did It Change Our Outlook On Things?

A young child with the look of innocence in their eyes. As a child, you will see the  world as a beautiful place and will see no harm. As you grow older, the days seem longer.  You will start seeing the world as it really is.  All we can think about as a kid is growing up.  Many people just think, “I can’t wait to grow up and be like Mommy and Daddy!”  In reality, growing up sucks.

When you get to high school, or even middle school, you think, “What is this?”  You start making mistakes, you start getting pressured to get a job, and if you act like a kid, you are called immature.  The people you thought were your friends in grade school are growing up and usually leaving you.  People start judging others.

You start wondering, “Who am I?” Your mind starts to wonder.  In reality, when you grow up, it is a lot harder than you thought it would be. As you grow up, you realize that there is a large amount of changes.  Growing up is hard and it does change our outlook on things in life.

 Written by: Haylee Cripe, Staff Writer