Another Great Performance by NIC Choral Union


Photo from: Simon Nilges

This is the Choral Union in action. The Chamber Singers are in black and the Chorale members are in crimson.

On Tuesday March 11, North Idaho College’s Choral Union met once again in Boswell Hall for an amazing performance of Schubert’s Mass No. 2 in G,  D. 167. This is one of Schubert’s most famous pieces to date.

Being a religious piece, the whole work is in Latin. Thankfully, the performance program provided a translation for those unfamiliar with the language.

NIC’s Choral Union is a combination of the Cardinal Chorale and the Chamber Singers. The Chorale consists of volunteer performers and the Chamber Singers are students of NIC.

You can distinguish the Chamber Singers because they dress fully in black. The Chorale dresses in bright crimson robes.

“I really think we all did a good job this time.  The only criticism I have is that the performance wasn’t as long as some of our others””

— Chamber Performer, Maddie Nilges

The performance began by the Chamber singers performing 3 preludial pieces. After that, there was a small break before introducing the Cardinal Chorale. The the whole Choral Union, continued on to perform Schubert’s second mass.

The mass consisted of 6 movements. As with most masses, it started with a “Kyrie”. Then the next ones were called: ”Gloria”, “Credo”,”Sanctus”,”Benedictus”, and ”Agnus Dei”. The beginning “Kyrie” was a slow waltz; 5 movements later, “Agnus Dei” was a grand and glorious march with three soloists. Immediately after, the choir, conductor, and accompanist exited.

“We just wanted to have all class and no sass for this performance. Just come out, perform, and leave.” said Max Mendez, conductor and instructor of the Choral Union.

In conclusion, the NIC Choral Union really outdid themselves this time. If Max Mendez was looking for class, then he got it. Sometimes it’s best to take a simple approach to some of the most grandiose of musical compositions.