Let’s Start Something New

Stu Cabe has the ultimate life career. He flies around the country spreading the words, “Be nice.”

On Tuesday, March 11th, Cabe attended Woodland Middle School to speak to these young adults. Cabe shared his information on bullying through a story about a group of elephants. Now that’s a good idea! If we were to explain the situation of bullying to different age groups by creating a scenario, we could really make a difference.

Bullying is a huge problem that happens all throughout the world. Sure, we hear all these things on TV and on the radio, saying, “Stomp Out Bullying.” But now that we’re older, how often do we really get talked to about these things? The answer is not very often. As high schoolers, we think that it’ll just be the same speech we heard through middle school. If we were to have someone come in and talk to us, but use a scenario or a story that us young adults could relate to, maybe we’d getter better results.  “If we can relate to something, it allows us to step in those shoes and understand what’s going on,” says Makenna T.  In order for bullying to become obsolete, we need to work together and start something new.