Self-Expression Through Clothing


Photo from: Makenna Textor

Timberwolftimes Staff Writers

High school is an opportunity for young adults to begin the path of self discovery that is vital to developing into an adult. Students find out who they want to be, where they want to go, and how they want to live when they grow up. Clothing is a great way for many teens to outlet these feelings and emotions.

Fashion is subjective, meaning that different people will have different preferences about what they like to wear. For example, on a daily basis around the school, one is able to see the diversity depicted by many people through their articles of clothing. As a student in a school with over 1800 peers, for some it is important to have a way to stand out in their own way.
Although some may argue that clothing is just the outside, materialistic view of a person and should not be used to make assumptions about who they are, clothes can be used, in certain situations, to show inside thoughts or feelings. Color, style, and fit all come together in an outfit and may give others hints into what one’s background is. One may be able to guess at someone’s culture, religion, and possibly even the person’s favorite color.

When it comes to expression of these things at school, teens of all varieties agree that dress is something that should not be managed by anyone else other than the person putting the outfit on. However, some believe that when the outfit becomes racy or indecent, others can step in to provide other opinions. “How a person dresses shouldn’t be controlled, and if it is, only to the point of stopping someone from looking unacceptable,” says sophomore Simon Nilges.

Fashion has been around for decades and will continue to evolve and form for the changing times and trends. At this point in their lives, adolescents are making choices that will make their lives unique. It is key to allow them to convey the emotions and preferences that they’ve formed throughout development however they want, including through clothing.