Stereotypical Pit Bulls


Photo from: Makayla Pellman

Many people believe the stereotype that all pit bulls are attack and fighting dogs, when in reality many pit bulls are sweet and kind. The pit bull is a breed with a bad reputation. Some may be right on the guidelines of the “stereotypical pit bull” but that is all based on how they were raised.

You see the two pit bulls that I have taken a picture of. The one that is laying down was raised with two other dogs and a decent family. She was always with children and is a very lazy pit, While Kracken the Dog, who is sitting on the grass, was raised in a cage and was abused and bullied for nine months. This pit is a very nice dog now, except she does not like other dogs and gets in fights with them.

Isabel Colby, a girl who has met both of these pit bulls said that, “Most of the time when I see Sadie, she is sleeping. Kracken is almost always smiling, wagging her tail and full of energy. Although, Kracken is so energetic and territorial that she isn’t able to release that energy with other dogs and animals.”

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Pit bulls have been practically exiled from many housing companies and are not allowed to be in a lot of places just because of these stereotypes. This is just like stereotyping people such as saying, “Oh she’s blonde, so she must be stupid,” when in fact she is the smartest kid in the class. If stereotyping people is bad, why should we treat man’s best friend any differently? Pit bulls are some of the sweetest animals in the world, if raised in the right environment. Yet, if raised in a bad environment, the pit bull may turn out to be just like the stereotypes; mean and aggressive.