Unique Musician Holds Free Performance in CDA


Photo from: Wikipedia under Creative Commons Liscence

Holding copies of her CDs.

Looking for something to do this Thursday night? Come on by Roosevelt Inn for live music at a free concert, located in downtown Coeur d’Alene. The concert will be performed by singer-songwriter Marian Call and features guitarist Seth Boyer.

Call, who began her music career in Juneau, Alaska, is well known for writing songs containing geek themes and was made famous primarily through social networking and the Internet. Her genre is mainly contemporary folk.

Call began writing music in 2007 as a side project, and recorded her first album, Vanilla, for her close family and friends, as well as her small fan base in Alaska. However, when a larger audience began listening to her tracks on the social networking site MySpace, the musician realized that her audience was growing. Since then, Call has gone on tours all around the globe, including Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

If you’re looking for a musician with an interesting background, stop by the Roosevelt Inn at 105 E. Wallace Avenue, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for everything you’ve been searching for!