3 Most Influential Video Games of the 1980’s

According to this article from Yahoo there are ten top influential video games, these are the top three.

The third most influential game of the 1980s is the game we all played while we were growing up: Pac-Man. The icon of the Golden Age of the arcade gaming, Toru Iwatani’s lovable little yellow pizza pie became a legend. The little Pac-Man walked into the arcades in 1980, but he walked into our hearts the very first time we played Pac-Man, and he hasn’t left. With its memorable lead character, innovative use of cutscenes, and advanced storytelling, its mostly nonviolent and cute gameplay appealed to both genders and kept them there for hours.

At number 2, with falling blocks, is Tetris for PC from 1987. It was first launched in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov. The simple, yet elegant puzzler will turn 30 in June. Tetris opened the doors to the casual-game market and the puzzler market of games. Practically all the games within the casual-game market can trace its origins back to Tetris. Tetris even helped catapult Nintendo into the massive monopoly they have on the video game world today by bringing out a Game Boy version in 1989.

Lastly but not leastly, we have the NES Super Mario Bros that came out in 1985 coming in as the number one spot. It is perhaps the best-known video game ever created, not because of the popularity of Mario, but because as soon as it arrived on the NES, it single-handedly gave the industry a well needed breath of life. Super Mario Bros is not Mario’s first appearance, yet it remains his most recognizable. We thank you Shigeru Miyamoto for blessing us with brilliant design and ingenuity, as well as all kinds of fun.