The Real Stories Behind Disney Stories

Fairy tales are our childhood stories, but did you know those aren’t the true stories?  In the movie Cinderella, they make it so that sweet Cinderella gets the prince and falls in love, all because her Fairy God Mother helped her. In the original story, the Fairy God Mother is a bird, and when the prince scours the village to find her, the Evil Step Mother then makes her children cut off their toes so their feet would fit in the shoes. When the shoes didn’t fit,  the Evil Step Mother had the pigeons peck their eyes out.  It’s quite more gruesome and different from the Disney version.

In Snow White, the evil queen tells the huntsman to kill Snow White and bring her heart and liver back.  The huntsman, not having the heart to kill Snow White, takes the Queen the liver and heart of a boar.  The queen then eats the liver and heart.  When Snow is poisoned by the apple, and is in the coffin, the prince accidentally trips with the coffin in his hands and the apple dislodges from Snow White’s throat and causes her to wake.  They live happily ever after, and during their wedding they have the queen walk in hot iron shoes to her death.

  In Fox And The Hound, the fox dies of exhaustion and the dog is shot and killed due to old age.  The Lion King is actually based Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. In Beauty And The Beast, Belle ends up not coming back to the Beast because her two evil sisters talk her out of it, and the Beast finds Belle and eats her out of anger.

When we watch Disney movies we never know what is truly in them.  Most of the fairy tales we have grown to love are actually wrong, and are from the Grimm fairy tales book.