How Each Decade Made Us

Sitting in a history classroom looking at how the world was, and how the people use to be. You just can’t help but wonder ‘how did we go from that, to this generation? ‘ .  At one point in our lives we would wonder that question.  Life has changed so much by every 10 years.  Let’s start with the 20’s, the lovely jazz age. This was known for the rise of radical political movement.  Communism began attracting larger amounts of support following the success of the October revolution.  The 40’s was when the Second World War. The average salary was $1,299 and if you were a teacher in those times you would be making $1,441.  That is very little money when it comes to now and then.  The 60’s was the decade of extreme contrast. The flower children and assassins, idealism and alienation, and rebellion and backlash.  Woman roles started to change very dramatically in this time.  Woman started getting into the workforce, and this made it so woman wanted to be treated equally.  This was also the age that the woman started using birth control.  This helped it so that woman could be less likely to have children at that time.  The 80’s the decade that made us.  This was the attention seeking decade.  Binge and credit became a way of life and ‘shop till you drop was the main idea.  Video games, aerobics and minivans came into our lives.  The differences between  are times change who we are today.