What To Expect When You Are Going To A Rock Concert!

The roaring sound of the crowd, lights twirling all around with the blare of a bass blaring to the sound of the beat. We are talking about rock concerts! We have to get the tickets online. With a click of the mouse, you have paid for a great experience. You walk into the room and see people hustling to get the best spot to see that one band you’ve been dying to see for weeks. The best way to get a good spot is to get there hours early. If you cannot get there before the crowd, then that’s when you shove your way into the spot that you want. When doing this, you will have to be careful. If it’s during the time that the first band is playing, then you will have to fight off the mosh pit.

 A mosh pit is a circle or big group that people tend to punch, slam, or hit you. These can be fun, but also very dangerous. To avoid the pit, stay away from the center or the front of the concert. If you want to be in the pit, watch out for the swingers. They are the people that are flailing their arms like a mad man. They will hit whoever gets in the way. Some bands encourage the pit. To get out of those types of pits, you should stay to the side of the room. If you see the people getting carried by the crowd and want to get up there yourself, then you should go to the side of the pit and there are usually people asking others if they want to crowd surf. Be warned: crowd surfing, although fun, can be dangerous. People may throw you, or they may grab on to you. No matter what band you are seeing, you should always have fun and just enjoy the songs!